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Rooted Consulting is a proud member of the Apple Consultants Network. We are a Louisiana based company established in 2014. Our team has a broad experience with Desktop Support, Mobile Device Management and server infrastructure management. 

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At Rooted Consulting we want to make sure you can get the information you need in the easiest way possible. We have created a video on How Rooted Consulting Works With the Apple Business Team. 

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How to engage Rooted Consulting

Apple Business Team connects with a lead that might be a good fit for Rooted Consulting.

Apple Business Team reaches out to setup a hand-off call with the Rooted team.

  • Email: (Our team works as a unit. Our ticketing system allows us to monitor, manage, and make sure that customers are taken care of. We do not check work emails for support engagements.)

  • A Rooted Consultant is assigned and responds.

  • A call is scheduled with Apple and Rooted Consulting. We use Calendly to schedule appointments. Links for staff are found above

  • To protect customer privacy please don’t include any personally identifiable information. Just let us know you have a lead.

The Customer Hand Off Call

  • During the call please don’t share personally identifiable information.  Rooted Consulting has an onboarding process that gathers any relevant information to engage in a consulting relationship. The customer can share contact information with Rooted Consulting on the kick off call if they choose to.

  • During the call we will Identify customers technology concerns.

  • Discuss high level needs (Deployment, Consulting,  training, etc)


  • Identify customer timeline for technical service delivery

  • Schedule Customer kick off call.

Scoping and Estimate

  • Rooted Scope of Work (SOW) created and sent with Estimate for customer review.

  • SOW and Estimate amended, if needed, and customer signs off.

  • Delivery is scheduled.

The Customer Kick Off Call

  • Apple will introduce Rooted as a member of the Apple Consultants Network and as a technical solutions provider. Rooted will then lead the conversation.

  • Rooted Consulting will start with an overview to be sure they understand the customer's goals and needs

  • We will wrap up the call and discuss next steps.

Engagement is Delivered

  • Rooted will engage the customer, document the work performed, and amend SOW if any additional issues occur.

  • Customer will sign the SOW to verify all work has been completed.

  • When the last day of delivery is performed, a post engagement Survey is sent to the customer. A link to the survey is available here

Post Project Report

  • At the end of the engagement Rooted sends a survey to the customer to get feedback on the experience. Rooted then takes that survey with our notes from the engagement and do a post project review with the Apple Business Team. Discussing how the project went, any needed follow up or any future sales opportunities.

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