Monitored Computers


Our Monitoring software will alert us when something goes wrong with your computer.

  • What is a Monitored Computer?
    • We install our Monitoring software on your computer.  It runs in the background and scans for errors and other common issues that can lead to larger failures. The software runs every two hours and reports any findings to our secure server.   We will then contact you to schedule needed repairs.
  • Do I need to subscribe to both Personal Support and computer monitoring? (No)
    • We believe that each component of our Support Agreement has value in and of itself. Our  agreement is designed to be custom suited to meet your needs. As we help tailor your Support Agreement, we will help you choose the best mix of  Monitored Computers, Personal Support, or our other offerings.
  • Can I combine Personal Support and Monitored Computers as needed? (Yes)
    • We will work with you to create the right monthly package to suit your needs. If you have 10 users but only want 2 to have on-demand support, we can design a package which includes Monitoring for 8 computers and Personal Support for 2 users.


Service Description
Monitored Computers
Personal Support
Premier Support
Support Hourly Rate
Cost Per Month
$25/month per selected users
$70/month/each user
Active monitoring with Watchman Monitoring
5.5% Discount on all training and product sales.
Phone / Email / Remote Support
(up to 15 minutes per issue)
Phone / Email / Remote Support
(No limit)
Operating System Update Management
Remote Application Deployment
Response Time
By Appointment
24 Hours
12 Hours
4 Hours

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