Rooted Consulting is a Louisiana based, cross platform, consulting team that was founded in 2014. We started small but have been growing steadily year over year. While the company is new the team has been working together providing support services as Mac Consulting Group and The Orchard Solutions. Here is a little about who we are at our core.
  • It starts with consulting – listening to your needs and helping you choose the best solution to your computing needs
  • From there we provide ongoing support and training to help you get the most from your device.
  • We work closely with sales partners, able to fulfill your needs from Mac desktop, Mac laptop, iPod and iPad sales.
  • Should something go wrong with the device, we are there to support you and help you facilitate both in and out of warranty repairs.
We are proud to work closely with Apple, and our designations include:
We would love to be your support group. If you have consulting needs, outsourced HelpDesk, or just have a question, please call us at 855.234.7062 and our Apple-certified staff can start working for you.