OS X 100: OS X Essentials


Rooted Consulting is now offering OS X 100. This class is aimed at introducing new users to the Mac or existing users to the latest version of OS X.  With the many features and enhancements to OS X this class helps user make sure they can easily navigate the Mac.

OS X 100 is a 1-day class that meets from 10am-4pm, with a one hour break for lunch. The cost of the class is $499 per student .

 Course Description:

OS X 100 is a one course for anyone need This course focuses on getting to know the foundations of  OS X, with topics ranging from efficient window and application management to system customization. You’ll also learn how to configure user accounts and manage files.

 For more information about the class,  send us questions at:

Email: training@rootedconsulting.org

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