Remote Support

This page is designed to install our TeamViewer Remote Support software on your Macintosh.

A file named should be downloading now. Once downloaded, look for the file, in your Downloads folder.

Once the .zip file has been opened, you will see the blue TeamviewerQS application Icon

Teamviewer Remote Support

Double-click the Blue Icon to launch Teamviewer.

You will see a 9 digit ID, and a 4 digit passcode.  Once you read us those numbers, we’ll be able to assist you.


If the software did not download automatically, you can click here  TeamViewer for Mac to download it now.

We can also support windows users with the PC version of Teamviewer here.


If you would like us to be able to remotely administer your computer in the future without having to “let us in” each time, ask us about how we leverage LogMeIn

Implementing LogMeIn can also allow you to remotely control your computer so long as you have access to a web-browser.