Our monitoring and support plans prevent lost data and limit downtime.

Rooted Consulting understands that every business has a unique set of needs, so we have created unique support packages. From basic monitoring to prepaid service agreements, we’re sure we have a plan to fit your company’s needs. These packages can be used in conjunction with one another or stand alone. Our goal is to be there to help you when you need it most. To find out more about these services, follow the links or contact us to schedule a consultation.

Consulting support is our way of meeting our clients’ need on a per instance basis. We bill at

  • OnSite: $150 an hour
  • Remote: $35 for every 15 minutes
  • Email to submit a ticket or schedule an appointment.

Our Monitoring software is a background application which checks your computer at a set frequency and notifies our ticketing system. This active monitoring allows us to take proactive measures when problems arise and provides you peace of mind.

  • RootedCare (Great for Residential and Small business)
    • Client computers: $10 per device per month
    • Server: $50 per server per month.

*For a more comprehensive plan with pre-set hours and greater discounts, upgrade to our Support Agreement.

**We offer a free 30 day trial of our RootedCare monitoring service. Speak to a consultant for details.

***If you want to learn more about what we monitor, click here.

Support Agreements
Our retainer plans are for clients who would prefer to pay a fixed amount each month at a discounted rate. In return, we provide monitoring, phone support, remote support, and-or staff onsite weekly. Retainers do not cover the costs of implementing new technologies, as these are project based. However we do offer special project pricing as a value added feature of this plan.

  • Discounted monitoring for client computers and servers.
  • In this plan we offer a discounted rate of $99 per hour for pre-set hours that we determine at the beginning of the agreement. Any hours above and beyond the pre-set time in the agreement will be billed at $120.
  • This plan includes pre-set time for FlexDesk, remote support and onsite checkups. We normally start this plan at ten hours per month.
  • Additional services can be added to this plan. Visit our services page to find out more.

Project Rates:
Have a big project?  Let us help you knock it out. We offer a discounted rate of $99 per hour for projects with 10 hours or more of pre-paid time. Call today and let us know how we can help on your next project. We look forward to working with you.

FlexDesk (New)
FlexDesk is our affordable HelpDesk service that can be purchased stand alone or bundled with our support agreements. It’s goal is to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 support.  We provide FlexDesk to our Rooted customers who don’t have a high enough demand for onsite services. We also provide this as an outsourced HelpDesk that other consultants can rebrand as there own.

  • This plan includes pre-set time for FlexDesk support calls.
  • Client and server monitoring can be purchased at the standard  RootedCare rate.
  • Tier 3 remote or onsite support is available at the standard rate.
  • Discounts for projects are available.

Need help today? Give us a ring at 855.234.7062 or e-mail