Rates & Retainers



  • What do we charge for our time?
    • We will bill $150 per hour form the time we leave our office until the time we walk out your door. If we are providing remote support we bill $37.50 for every 15 minutes. Our consultants require payment at time of service unless a PO or a terms agreement has been filled out.  Talk to one of our consultants about special rates for retainers or pre-paid hours. 


  • Do I need an appointment?[No, but they are helpful]
    • We understand that your time is valuable and that issue with technology never happen on your schedule.  We do work with customer to setup appointments but emailing support@rootedconsulting.org with a problem description will alert our team to your issue. Customer outside of a retainer our contacted and supported on a first come first serve basis.
  • What are your rates for after hours work?
    • All work performed before 8:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. (local time) on weekdays. Any work preformed on weekends or holidays is considered after hours support. After hours support is billed at time and a half our normal rate or $225 an hour.



Clients often find it helpful to allocate a set monthly budget to their IT needs. For those customer looking for a more consistent bill and better rates, the Orchard Solutions offers retainers. A retainer is a fixed amount of hours at a discounted rate of $99.00 per hour. Even if you go over the hours listed for the month, we maintain the $99.00 rate for all hours worked for you.

Benefits of a Retainer

  • Enjoy a discounted hourly rate.
  • Monitoring is included for all you computers.
  • One training class is discounted per quarter.