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How do we work with you on a project?

In order for Rooted Consulting to provide the best service we can, there is a process we follow when taking on a project. This page outlines the steps we’ve found help lead to smooth project delivery. 


If you are an existing customer looking to submit a ticket or get support, please visit our "How to Get Support" page or "How to Submit a Ticket" video.

You Were Onboarded As A New Customer

At Rooted Consulting, we have a specific process that we follow for onboarding a new customer. If you are not a current customer, please visit our  "How We Onboard A New Customer" page.

New to Rooted?

Step 1:

Schedule A Project

Discovery Call

The first step in getting your project underway is scheduling a Project Discovery Call. A Rooted consultant will reply to your ticket with instructions on scheduling a call.

We use a scheduling system called Calendly. This allows you to see our availability so that you can pick a time that fits your schedule when we are mutually available.  

You can learn more about scheduling time with a consultant by visiting our resources page locate here.  

Step 2:


Discovery Call

In order to more accurately scope your project, we will conduct a Discovery Call in which we get a high level overview of the project.

These include:

  • Project Contacts

  • Goals 

  • Timeline

  • Budget


After this call, we will develop the Scope of Work (SOW).


Step 3:

Developing The

Scope Of Work

One of our consultants will begin processing the information from the Discovery Call and develop a Scope of Work based on that information.

The SOW will include:

  • Project overview

  • Steps for completion of the project

  • Exclusions

  • Customer responsibilities

  • Change order policy

  • Confirmation of the three points of contact

  • Consultant Delivery Confirmation

  • Project markers

  • Payment breakdown

  • an area for the Consultant and Customer to co-execute the document.


Once the SOW is ready, we will send it to you through our ticketing system and schedule a phone call for review. For information on creating an account in our ticketing system, please see our video here.

Step 4:

Reviewing and Remediate The Scope Of Work

Once you have received the SOW, we will schedule a review call to discuss any questions or concerns you might have. Please have a list of all questions ready before the call so that we are able to more efficiently cover them.

          Once the review is completed, you will need to sign the                            SOW and return it to the consultant before any work can begin.

Step 5:

Co-Executing The

Scope Of Work

This is an important step for the project. Your signature on the SOW confirms to Rooted Consulting that you approve of the details of how this project will be performed and billed. 


You can sign the SOW either by using your computer or print and scan. For information about using Preview to sign a document, please visit our resources page here.


           We will not schedule the Pre Engagement call unless the              SOW is signed.

Step 6:

Pre-Engagement Call

After receiving the signed SOW, we do a pre-engagement call to make sure everything is lined up and everyone is on the same page. This is a technical call where we get into some of the finer details that can make the difference between a smooth project, and one that is plagued with issues. This call will be between the customer and the consultant that will be performing the work. 

During the call:

  • Confirm the engagement date.

  • Deliverables

  • Logistics 

  • Address any concerns you may have.




          This call must be conducted 7 days before the start of the.              project.



Step 7:

Project Delivery

The engagement date has arrived and it is time for the work to begin! For the duration of the project, we will meet with you regularly to keep you informed of the progress and when milestones are reached.


As milestones are reached, we will send you the Consulting Delivery Confirmation (CDC) for you to confirm completion.


When the project is completed, we will make sure you understand your next steps and who to contact in the event that further support is needed.



Step 8:

Consulting Delivery


As mentioned in step 7, you will be responsible for confirming each milestone that is reached during the project.


The CDC is a separate document from the SOW and will be compiled based on the percentages/milestones of the project. 


Before work can continue or be marked as completed, we will need your confirmation of the work performed.   


You can sign the CDC either by using your computer or print and scan. To use Preview to sign a document, please visit our resources page here.


          This document must be signed off before the Consultant                 leaves the location.

Step 9:

Post-Project Review

Your project has been completed! A member from our marketing team will reach out to you with a survey to see how the project went and how well we did.  


This helps Rooted Consulting improve our customer service and delivery of future projects.   


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