Five Business Principles I live by

1.) Be healthy and balanced. If you’re going to lead an organization they need you, and you need you, to be in a good place. Leadership is a big responsibility and it can be taxing. Self care should be on the top of your priority list so you can be there for your staff and customers.

2.) Your staff are your top priority. Create a culture that allows for staff to be creative, productive, and effective. Every person wants to be fulfilled and satisfied with the work they do. You should always expect the best from your people so they do good work for your customer base. If you set that expectation than you should match it by giving your best to them.

3.) Do great things for your customers. When you treat a customer like a commodity that you farm they won’t stay with you. Invite them into your life and look for ways to best serve them. Not always because it makes a buck but because they deserve it.

4.) Money should never be the final word on your business decisions. You have to make payroll, pay bills and you yes I understand you have a fiduciary responsibility to your company. Having said that there are things that count that can’t be counted. Navigate your business decisions with care, wisdom and discernment. Some decisions will cost you more than their monetary value. If don't learn to walk away from a bad deal then you will always chase money down a bottomless pit.

5.) Improve your world. I philosophically want the lives I interact with to be better because of my influence. Let’s not mince words. I don’t mean popular. I mean better. Getting people to like you will make your life better. Helping people move forward and developing them into stronger individuals is far more rewarding. They often won't like you in the tough moments but will respect you for pushing them.


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