Getting Started With

Point of Sale

Are you looking for a POS solution?

The right point of sale can make the sales experience seamless for your customers and employees, while providing data and reports that can help you fine tune your business.

In this engagement we will be coaching and mentoring you through setup and configuration of your Point of Sales system.


This deployment is designed as a high-level overhead of your system and will not include the tedious and time consuming task of populating your entire Point of Sales System, rather to coach and mentor you to accomplish these goals with your staff.

Project Goal

  • Review customer network infrastructure

  • Choose and configure a point of sale for your business

  • Secure merchant services

  • Setup and configure POS equipment

Topics Covered

  • Pre-Deployment analysis and configurations

  • Deployment Configuration

  • Customer Facing Transactional Configurations

  • End of Day Reporting and Analytics

For a more in depth look ,you can view our Getting Started with Point of Sale Scope of Work. 

Engagement Delivery

  • A Rooted Consultant Certified in Point of Sale will deliver the coaching and mentoring for the sessions.

  • We will schedule a 30-minute pre-engagement call with you, at least seven business days prior to your engagement, to make sure you have what you need to be successful. 

  • If engagement is delivered remotely and scheduled as four four-hour sessions. If delivery is onsite it is delivered as a two-day engagement

What's Next?

If you are ready to continue the discussion and see how we can help get you started, please reach out to us via our ticketing system using the link below.

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