For the last six years he has led and developed a group of consultants working with Small Buisness, Education and Enterprise customers. Christopher provides a warm and personal experience when consulting or training. With a background in Pro Apps as well as IT he is well poised to work with clients of varying backgrounds and needs.

Professional Experience - Highlighted Projects Include:

  • AARP: The 2012 AARP annual conference was held in New Orleans in September 2012.  Members of the Apple Consultants Network were hired to support AARP’s digital program, which featured the distribution of 1000 iPads, providing device and app training classes, and providing onsite help desk support to over 4000 AARP attendees.  Christopher was asked to lead a small team of the ACN members in delivering the Apple Consultants Network Help Desk during the conference. The results exceeded expectations in so many ways, it is hard to encapsulate. Ultimately the true value was the experience of the conference attendees. 

  • Baldwin County School System, AL: Christopher helped refine a large scale Apple Macintosh Education Deployment. This included image building, life cycle management and high-level technical training. We assisted in the deployment and configuration of 35,000 Macs to over 45 schools.

  • Apple:. Christopher is an Apple Certified Trainer and part of Apple Professional Services (APS), which allows him work on behalf of Apple, Inc.


Christoper Holmes


Daniel has been a Mac enthusiast for over a decade. Before Rooted, Daniel enjoyed helping friends get the most out of their Macs. Now as a consultant and trainer, he is able to help even more people. His background in the oil field, landscaping, construction, and religious organizations allows him to relate to many different people and make his consulting warm and personal. Helping people is what he loves to do, and being a consultant and trainer allows him to do what he loves.

Professional Experience - Highlighted Projects Include:

  • The Bayou Church: The Bayou Church is a large church in Lafayette, Louisiana with around 100 devices ranging from Macs, to Windows machines, to Surface tablets. Daniel is the primary consultant that manages The Bayou Church. Recently, he helped them transition to a new church management software utilizing a locally hosted SQL server.

  • Our Savior’s Church: Our Savior’s Church is a multi-campus church in South Louisiana. Daniel was one of the primary consultants responsible for managing their network and computers.

  • Westminster Christian Academy: Led a 1:1 iPad rollout of 300 devices using Jamf Pro.


Daniel Allen


Jared been involved in the Apple community professionally for over a decade. Jared started his journey with Apple as a college student. Now as a seasoned consultant, he can help businesses of any size utilize technology to cultivate better communication and productivity by determining the needs of each company.

Professional Experience - Highlighted Projects Include:

  • Founder, operator, and owner of an independent Apple Specialist retail store. The location also offered in-warranty repair as an Apple Authorized Service Provider and onsite services to the local community. Jared managed a team of 12 with customer facing issues and built a strong rapport with Apple support to fix any problems as well as supplying its stock with merchandise relevant to customer needs and demands

  • Grambling State University - Worked with there communication department developing a 20 seat Final Cut Pro lab with integrated server

  • The Bayou Church, Lafayette - Currently maintains an environment with over 100 apple devices on a fibre backbone network, utilizing file-share and multiple VM server applications including DNS, DHCP, and management software utilizing MySQL


Jared Stepp


Mark is a recent addition to the Rooted Consulting team. Starting his journey through education in film and television he has worked in the realm of marketing for the past decade. 

Professional Experience

  • Creative Director of Rooted Media

  • Owner and operator of Dice Media where they build and manage websites, social media, and run video production in house

  • Holbrook Multimedia - Worked as a Producer/Editor/Animator on multiple award-winning national advertising campaigns

  • i10 Accessories - Worked as the in house Marketing Director helping to spread the brand internationally through digital channels. 


Mark Tassin

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