Background Backup

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Ready to roll.

Whether you’re in the office or on the move, Background Backup uses your current network connection to back up your files efficiently and securely. Installation is quick and uncomplicated; day-to-day operation is seamless. Authorized users can access and retrieve saved files via Background Backup’s simple web interface whenever, wherever required.

[/col] [col size=”one_third” ]Easy to use—enterprise strength
Backs up securely to our offsite data centre, your corporate server, or a combination of both
Server-side client management options, for corporate accounts (security settings, retention policies)
Server-initiated client upgrades, typically with no user interaction or system restart required
Provides user and manager level statistics and reporting.[/col] [col size=”one_third”]Flexible, comprehensive backup options
Continuous, incremental, differential backup
Automatic archive validation and recovery
Data de-duplication, compression and encryption
Ability to restores files with an “as of this date” calendar filter.[/col] [col size=”one_third_last” ]Tailored to your environment
Supports wherever, whenever connectivity
Uses your existing infrastructure
Scales simply to accommodate thousands of clients
Provides centralized remote management communication and archive status
Call us today to get your Backgroup Backup setup! (225) 933-5311[/col]