History of the Mac Consulting Group, Inc.

Allen Hancock founded Hancock Consulting, Inc. in January 2000, and changed the corporation’s name to Mac Consulting Group, Inc. in 2008 as the company began to grow into bigger and bigger offices.

Allen started his professional Macintosh support career started at the University of Missouri, where he and his boss & mentor Alan Marshall were responsible for supporting and maintaining the 400 macintosh computers which ran the Biology Department.

As the Macintosh platform has grown, so have the Mac Consulting Group’s offerings.

From On-Site consulting and repair, we added on warranty support as an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

From there we added the Apple Authorized Reseller aspect to the company, as there was no other easy venue in Baton Rouge to procure Apple branded equipment.

It was not long before we were designated Apple Specialist, and upper tier of Resellers who provide both quality Sales and Service.

In 2009, we made a return to education by adding on the designation of Apple Authorized Training Center. We are proud to bringing Apple knowledge to all our clients, from the IT Administrator to the film editor, to the everyday Mac user.