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What is our SLA?

Your technical point of contact has reviewed, signed and returned a Service Level Agreement. You can read it at Please take a moment and read it for yourself. It outlines in depth how we operate as a business.

Submitting A Ticket

Our work is always generated by customer demand or RootedCare notifications. A ticket is documented customer intent. Because we bill for time, we need a ticket so that your organization understands you secured our services and will reimburse us for the time.

Getting Support (Support Site)

This is the best way to submit tickets, set priority and see tickets submitted by others in your organization. 

  • You will receive an email confirming your ticket. Once a consultant is assigned and responds you can use a calendly link to schedule them. 

  • You can create an account with your company email or sign in with a Microsoft or Google Account account. Tickets are associated with your company by the email domain. This will allow you to see what tickets have been submitted by your organization and update those tickets directly from the the Rooted Support site.

  • You will receive an email confirming your ticket. Once a consultant is assigned and responds you can use a calendly link to schedule them

  • You can create an account at any time to review past or current tickets you have submitted.

Getting Support (Email)

This is the easiest way to submit tickets but it needs email to be up and running. Priority cannot get set and you have to reply to the ticket from your inbox.

Getting Support (Phone)

This is an option that should be considered a last resort. Our answering service will submit a ticket on your behalf. Initially, it will not be assigned to your organization. We will have to go in and add you to the ticket.  It also relies on their interpretation of your conversation with them. This leaves room for error. While it is an option, we don’t recommend it.

  • Call 855-234-7062

  • Our answering service will create a ticket based on your conversation. Once the ticket is created, a consultant will see it and assign it to your user/organisation. Once a consultant is assigned and responds you can use a Calendly link to schedule them.

Using Calendly

We use Calendly which has direct access to our calendar. It allows appointments to be scheduled based on mutual availability. Always submit a ticket before scheduling an appointment. No appointment will be taken without a ticket.

Schedule an appointment - Jared Stepp:

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Click Link To Submit A Ticket

Why Create An Account?

Zendesk is the company that provides our ticketing system. For ease of use you can sign in with a Google or Microsoft account to submit tickets. You also create an account quickly and easily. The question is why? Can’t you just do everything by email? You can but if you create an account with your work email then you will be able to see all your open, pending or closed tickets and follow up on items you have previously had issues with. If enabled you can also see tickets submitted by others in your organization so you don’t accidently create a duplicate ticket for an issue. 

What about text, direct phone calls or direct email?

Our consultants don’t work in a central office because we are working at yours.  Our team is either onsite, traveling to a customer engagement or doing administrative work. We work by appointment only and each appointment must have a corresponding ticket so we know what we can assist you with.

Why? Our team can’t collaboratively manage support requests if they come in through a direct phone call, text or direct email. We work as one unit to review each ticket and reassign dynamically as issues come up. A ticketing system also allows you to track updates and keep your support details in one place. Our team also takes personal time off. In order to guarantee that you get the best experience create a ticket. To create healthy boundaries our staff won’t answer text messages, direct phone calls or direct emails. 


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