What is FLEXdesk?

FLEXdesk is a flexible, outsourced HelpDesk service that allows you to quickly and easily scale your business with a highly qualified and experienced team without adding the expenses associated with traditional employees. This allows you to focus on customer support and gives you peace of mind as you work in your to provide a great customer experience.

What does FLEXdesk cost?

That’s the beauty, FLEXdesk scales with you.  When we do our initial meeting, we gauge  how much time HelpDesk time you will need. We determine a pre-set number of hours and go from there.  As we see that you are nearing the pre-set time, we will meet with you to discuss what may need to be done and so that you are able to budget and bill accordingly. Our administrative staff will establish regular meetings with you to talk about performance and make sure everything is running smooth. During those calls, we discuss adjusting time as well. At the end of each month, we will invoice you so there is no headache or hassle.

How does FLEXdesk work?

It’s simple. With your direction, we familiarize ourselves with your customers and integrate ourselves into your business.  We respond to tickets, answer phone calls, and support your customers just as if we were your actual employees.  Think of us as an extension of your business.

Who invoices my clients?

We work on your behalf and as your employees.  We respect the relationship you have with your clients. Our philosophy is to do the work and provide the time it took and documentation for you to bill your clients.  At that point, you can decide how and what to bill the client. This creates an opportunity to verify our work and make sure the client relationship remains with you. We see this as a healthy system that fosters accountability  and growth.

How do I get started with FLEXdesk?

Your first step will be to contact us letting us know you are interested in FLEXdesk. In our first meeting, we will make sure that Rooted Consulting is a great fit for you. Next, we will setup a “get to know you” conference call between our entire team and yours. Once you are ready to move forward, you will fill out our FLEXdesk setup form. Once we have all of the necessary information, we can begin providing unparalleled support to your clients.