FLEXdesk Comparison

Traditional Employee      

  • Expensive – salary and additional expenses can add up quickly.
  • Difficult to Scale – you might need one technician today, but what about for that big project tomorrow?
  • Qualifications – finding one person who knows it all is rare and expensive.
  • Limited Experience – is hiring the “new guy” really the best option?


Rooted FLEXdesk

  • Low Cost –  your cost varies with the number of hours you use.
  • Flexible Scaling – 1 technician today, an entire team tomorrow. We scale to fit your daily needs.
  • Highly Qualified – along with FLEXdesk, you receive a team of technicians and engineers with nearly 100 industry leading certifications.
  • Wide-Ranging Experience – Our team comes with more than 90 years of combined experience in cross-platform technology solutions.