The core of our business is Consulting.

Rooted Consulting has a consulting firm with offices in Baton Rouge, Lafayette & and Lake Charles. Our team of technicians brings to our customers over 50 years of experience in home and business networks, data storage, server solutions and all things Apple.

Rooted Consulting is a full service provider that cares about your needs. We take the time to hear what our clients really want, troubleshoot the issues at hand, and provide solutions to the problems.

On Boarding
We love our clients! With that in mind we work hard to make sure every client feels like they are part of the Rooted
family. We do this several ways:

  • Service Level Agreement: Every customer receives and signs our SLA that outlines how we approach our work. We find that it really helps to set expectation so we can have a great business relationship.
  • Client Documentation: We schedule a consultant to work with you to gather all the information we need to quickly support you.
  • Identify Company Roles: Our team discovers what can often be the CEO(Decision maker), CTO(Technical Point of Contact) and CFO (Finance Office). For many organizations this is the same person or may not have that title. This helps us talk to and include the right people in our conversation regarding work or projects.
  • Our team helps you get setup in our Billing system (Freshbooks) and then overviews how to leverage our Support system (Zendesk). Both can be reached directly from our web site.

Our Philosophy
What drives a business will influence how it approaches the client experience. Rooted Consulting has core values that are part of our business DNA.

  • Customer service has to be first. The reason we do this is you. We enjoy technology but partnering with you to integrate solutions in your environment is where our satisfaction comes from.
  • Do it right every time, all the time. Some issues can be fixed quickly but we want the solution to a problem to be high quality. We believe in future proofing so we don’t resist the same problem over and over.
  • Never take the customer for granted. We like to check in and check up on customers we have worked with. Following up ensure that lines of communication stay open and problems are tackled quickly.
  • We embrace the problems you present and take them on like they were ours.
  • We view invoicing as a reimbursement for the time spent to solve problems.

Our Billing
Our staff work hard to get your issue resolved and solutions in place.  We believe communication, every step of the way, creates a positive environment for  a healthy client relationship.

  • At the end of each engagement our consultants walk you through what was done. Our goal is to  gain agreement that the issue is resolved.
  • We will update your support ticket, our internal CRM and the invoice we create with our notes from the engagement.
  • While onsite or with you on the phone we will send an invoice. We collect payment at time of service while the engagement is fresh on everyones mind.
  • To review, download or pay your invoice login here to our Freshbooks account. If login credentials have not been created for you call 855.234.7062or email and we will get one turned up for you.

We consider things when we consult:

  •  Our peers. Is it the industry standard?
  •  Our company. Are we following the best practices set by our team?
  •  Our clients. Are you getting the very best solution you deserve?

Need help today? Give us a ring at 855.234.7062 or e-mail