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Jeramy LeCompte, Engineer

Jeramy is the Chief Operation Officer and Partner of Rooted Consulting. For the last six years he has led and maintained great business relationships with consultants and Small Business, Education and Enterprise customers.

Jeramy provides a warm and personal experience when consulting. With a background in Pro Apps, Video production, and IT he is well poised to work with clients of varying backgrounds and needs.

Professional Experience – Highlighted Projects Include;

  • AARP: The 2012 AARP annual conference was held in New Orleans in September 2012. Members of the Apple Consultants Network were hired to support AARP’s digital program, which featured the distribution of 1000 iPads, providing device and app training classes, and providing onsite help desk support to over 4000 AARP attendees.  Our Company was asked to help set up and deploy 24 iPads for one of there many venues. There purpose was to run an application that would provide a visual and interactive way for the AARP organization to teach members about some of the things that they are involved in.
  • Tulane University:I have helped to manage and maintain 2 of there media labs. Tulane’s School of Continuous Studies offers multiple Pro app classes. Some of the application that we help manage are: Maya, Poser, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Creative Suite and several others, we manage a total 32 Mac Pros using Mac OS X server to roll out fresh images per semester.
  • Pride Oil and Gas: This Comprehensive Land Service Organization has utilized our services for the past 5 years. We manage there 40 total computers in a mixed environment. We also take care of there Wired and wireless infer structure, file sharing server, as well as there mail server which is hosted and managed locally.
  • The Bayou Church: This organization has over 30 staff members who are in the day to day operations. There church runs between 2,000 and 2,500 weekly attenders. They are heavily invested in media and live streaming on there campus. We work very closely with there in-house media team and Operations manager to make sure we are providing the best support possible. They are a mixed environment client running over 70 devices including a Mac file sharing server with a large attached storage and a Dell server running VM ware. The biggest project to date with this customer was a overhaul of there networking infrastructure. We replaced and installed eight gigabit layer 3 switches and nine Aerohive Wireless APs, mac file sharing server and a Vtrack 64TB large storage drive.


Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration 10.11

Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration 10.10

Apple Certified Associate – Mac Management 10.10

Apple Certified Support Professional 10.9

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.9

Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration 10.8

Apple Certified Support Professional 10.8

Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration 10.7

Certified Casper Technician


Professional Associations

Apple Consultants Network Member



New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary