What about the Apple Store?

A lot of people ask, so here’s the answer:

I am glad Apple has opened up a store here in Baton Rouge.

They have hired some excellent people, and I have heard nothing but good feedback from my clients who have visited the store.

I am frequently asked:

“Have I gone?”

Yes. The business manager invited me over, and we had a great meeting. I look forward working with their staff on shared projects.

“Aren’t they just competition?”

No. There are more than enough Apple users in town to keep us both busy. Our focuses are different too.  While the Mac Consulting Group is a reseller, and would love to sell you whatever Apple product you need, our focus is On Site work: consulting and repairs.

“Where should I buy my next Apple computer?”

if you are interested on our opinion, give us a call or email and let’s setup an on-site assessment of what is best for your usage.  That is, afterall, at the heart of the services Allen Hancock is known for providing. Or, if you want the hands-on, take it home now experience, head over to the Apple Store. Just call us up afterwards and we’ll be glad to help you figure out your new Time Capsule, Airport Express and AirTunes, and all the other wonderful things your new computers can do.

I hope that helps explain how our companies will get along, and support each other as needed.  If you stop in, be sure to tell them I say “Hello again”.

Allen Hancock

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